• The law firms listed under the Free Legal Consultation section have volunteered to provide to the public an initial legal consultation of not exceeding 45 minutes free of charge. This service is by appointment only.

  • If you have a legal problem and wish to seek free consultation with a solicitor, you must call the law firm that you select and make an appointment informing them that you wish to accept the offer of a free consultation.

  • When making an appointment, the law firm may require you to provide your full name, contact details and such other information as it may consider necessary.

  • You may receive only ONE initial consultation for a legal problem. You must not make multiple appointments with different law firms for one particular legal problem.

  • The solicitors / law firms have an absolute discretion to accept or refuse to provide an initial consultation without giving reasons.

  • If you wish to engage the law firm after the free initial consultation, you should ask the firm to give you an estimate of the costs, charging scale, other disbursements which may incur and all other details about the legal service.

  • After the free initial consultation, the solicitor / law firm has an absolute discretion to accept or refuse to take on your case.

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