1. What is an initial Free Legal Consultation?

    If you have a legal problem and wish to seek consultation with a solicitor, you can find in the Free Legal Consultation section law firms which are prepared to offer you an appointment for an initial legal consultation not exceeding 45 minutes free of charge. At the initial consultation, the solicitor will discuss with you your legal problem and advise you what steps to be taken. This service is by appointment only. Please click here to find out the Terms and Conditions of Free Legal Consultation.

  2. How to obtain an initial free legal consultation with a solicitor / law firm?

    First, obtain the telephone number of the solicitor / law firm selected from the Free Legal Consultation section, then call the law firm and make an appointment informing them that you wish to accept the offer of an initial free consultation.

  3. Will the law firm turn down my request for an initial free legal consultation?

    Yes. The law firm has an absolute discretion to accept or refuse your request for an initial free legal consultation without giving reasons.

  4. What information should I provide to the solicitor / law firm?

    You may be required to provide your full name, contact details, copies of the relevant documents and other information to the law firm before setting up an appointment for an initial free legal consultation.

  5. What should I ask the solicitor?

    Apart from telling the solicitor your problem, you should ask the solicitor his/her relevant experience in handling similar cases. You should also ask the solicitor to give you an estimate of his/her costs, charging scale and other disbursements which may incur. You should take with you all relevant documents related to the problem.

  6. What happens after the initial free consultation?

    You are at liberty to take the advice given to you in the initial free legal consultation. You are also free to engage the law firm to represent you. If you decide to engage the law firm, you may hire the solicitor at his regular fee. The fee is to be agreed between you and the solicitor. Please ask the law firm to provide you with a retainer letter which will set out the terms under which they will provide you with advice and assistance and the fees for so doing. You are not bound by it until you have accepted the terms.

    If you wish to choose another law firm to represent you, you may go to the Law Firm Directory section of this website to find a solicitor / law firm by practice area or visit the Law List section of the Law Society website for a full list of Hong Kong law firms.

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